Standing at the Green Delta

Sea of compelling truths ahead,

River of tied knots behind.

More silt of beliefs, the more you dig.

I stand here at the delta of my life, letting myself:

Open to the mighty brine of unknown.

PS: The transit from cosy college-life to a unknown job-life can be a mixture of awe, thrill and expectations. My attempt to depict the same. My friend says, it is important to be open to the new world, yet holding on to  the ties left behind. So true.

[A note on Green DeltaIt is that transit where the fresh waters of the Ganges meet the salt waters of Bay of Bengal, famously known as Sundarbans. Thick forests, rare animals and birds, waterways and mudflats come together to form this beautiful ending note of nature’s musical phrase. A peculiar thing about silt found here is that, tiny grains of soil collected all through the journey of the river, right from its birth, is collected forming a mudflat/silt reserve, staying there for ever. More description is here and more images here]