For all I know…

So much to say, so not much to say:

The aura of music like false cynicism,

The realm of sheer care and sanity, and

The blend of hard strife and a gliding soothe.

Guess, even the paradox joins in itself:

As a missing chunk of the whole!

So much to say, so not much to say:

For all I know is, the conviction grows firmer in itself, for

The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of ”.

PS: Sometimes the ‘way you feel for a poem’ precedes ‘the actual meaning of the poem’. To put in other words some verses do not have an implication. Or say, they don’t have a solitary meaning, but you can draw your own versions of the meaning for them.
I believe this is one of those kinds. What say?


Doctor’s diary

20 days ago:

I’m back from a talk.

A workshop from a renowned modern guru,

A training, named ‘celebrating  life’.

He says, ‘Happiness is eternal; day in, day out’.

Says life is festival: a gala.

He made laugh, shout, group and jump:

For all those fun-filled activities

Was my nth workshop: a jovial one though.

I learnt everything, but to be happy: to celebrate.


10 days ago:

Heavy day in hospital.

Town is shrouded of black clouds: cholera.

People pouring in, lack of beds: a slush.

Vomits, stink of stool, cry of children.

Even attended a bride burning case.

Crumpled body, blackened of fire and peeling skin.

I even burnt my index finger removing her golden (?!) bangles.

Why on earth was I a doctor?

Yes I do remember the hell workshop: to celebrate:

Life’s a gala, a gala only of diseased and unfortunate.



She is recovering, shifted to general ward off ICU.

She’s good in person; I talk to her during check up.

She said today, ‘doctor, these are my best days’,

Said,’ I’m happy. It’s not suffocating here. You’re lucky’.

I stared and stared those eyes without eye lashes or brows.

I felt like I was in shade of Buddha’s tree of enlightenment.

May be the workshop guy was right, when he said life’s a gala,

Also the analogy of the man being unhappy for not having shoes.

I’ happy, i determine to celebrate life and I’m destined to.


P.S.: A dialogue in twilight goes like: “Death is peaceful, easy. Life harder’. Is life really worth celebrating amid all misery? Einstein comes to our rescue saying,”Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.’ Yes, we really can’t determine to be happy – like the foolish doc – yet make our part to be happy and others too. Agree. . .?


We are magnets.
Born with little strength,
With less magnetic lines.
Grow up, strengthen ourselves,
Building the flux,
Entangling with the relations,
With powerful, out reaching magnetic lines.
Marry: couple with a magnet,
Induct mutually, grow and entangle more.
Feel bad when we don’t reach
A magnetic line.
Feel bad when a magnet breaks;
Or, we ourselves break.
Repel out some magnets:
Of which some try to attract.
Life goes on, and so does entangling.
And then a time comes;
When we realize we are just electromagnets.
Supply goes off.
Some magnets feel bad.
And the soft iron piece carrying current,
Will eventually rust off:
Leaving no sign of its existence.


“we must not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we began and to know the place for the place for the first time.”
-T. S. Eliot

I’m a 20 year old brat and life’s still to me is a mystery. Life to me is about discovering and rediscovering. It is life in twilight. It is twilife. A twilifae.

I should thank two people who inspired me to blog. Prabhu and Manish. Prabhu is my cousin and Manish my friend. Both are great bloggers and web designers. It was manish who made me strike with the idea of blogging, even after reading one of my  freaky dry poem. And Prabhu’s very blog is kindling, which makes me scratch my tissue of creativity. I owe great gratitude towards them.

See you then, with some blogposts in near future.
Please feel free to comment, prick and poke. Even praise in some rare cases:]
Take care.