The Crusades of Recuperation

Things come striking back,

And, all small ideas swarm around you.


You must come back to me,

To solve the puzzles you created.

You must come back, for me to proliferate.

Come back to return things you never returned.

Come back, to reason out the reasons beyond my reasoning.

Come to witness my failing attempts to witness you in words.


Seek your stare while I pick and sketch,

Intricacy studded amid daily chores.

Be at my shoulders and I’ll paint,

All shades of grey to federal-blue.

Be there and get my equations right,

In return I’ve nothing but more equations, though.


Things come striking back,

And, everything else swarms around you.


she makes it so easy to live

I say I’m wrong.

She says, so what.

She knows I’m not always right.

Yet she pats and says wake up!

I say I’ll go.

She grins to say, let’s go.

She makes it so easy to live.


When I’m puzzled in a whirl,

She says, I’m there and crumples her brows.

She draws a shovelful of raw bliss,

And sows fruits of soaked peace.

i don’t know why she winks.

Neither do I why she giggles.

She makes it so easy to live.


She is a conundrum for a lifetime.

Think, she was crystallised of an unsung puzzle.

She wears alacrity as her earrings.

Ah, what jewel more she needs than her laugh.

I unfurl her thoughts when I’m free.

She isn’t far: hidden somewhere within me.

She makes it so easy to live.

Letter from the cow

Dear human, I’m the cow.
I really do not understand your language.
You say, you have supple smooth skin:
While i’ve durable tough hide.
You say, you eat different cuisines,
While I always eat dry fodder.
Why is that you call that curved iron piece
Nailed under my hooves as a ‘horse shoe’?
And finally, i still remember you saying,
That, I hold millions of gods within me:
That, am a supreme symbol of purity and holiness.
Yet, you left me all alone here;
Here, in this scary dark slaughter house.