It was a festive eve.

Everything around sifted to a placid uniformity,

Except for that girl, with eyes stained of kajal.

She was a welcome flick of flare,

Amid that cold foggy darkness.

She talked relentlessly, with all smiles and joy.


Oddly, many things complemented.

My frayed, unkempt hair, as against,

Her kempt, well combed hair.

A perfect grace she had, as against,

My hands scratching back of my hairs.

A captivating, mild smile, spilling

Scented mirth around, against my clumsy grin.

I was like an angular definition,

She, a well writ: curvy poem.


And then it happened that,

Our eyes met for a moment.

She bore right through my eyes

For a moment.

I felt as if the words she spoke

Tumbled, to reach me ultimately.

One moment more, her eyes still locked on me.

I really don’t know if she curved

Her lips to a smile, this time.

I tried hard to  broaden my grin:

To reply. No, nothing happened.

One moment more: this was more

Than a usual gaze.

I felt everything around went dawdling,

Except for her lashes, which flicked once.

It was only the next moment, that

She broke her gaze: as subtle, as again.


I don’t know or remember what happened next.

May be everything merged back to uniform:

Careless of what happened.

And she left me with all, but answers,

And left my eyes desolate, longing and lonely.

replug: she makes it so easy to live


PS: I guess, it is hard to draw a line between reality and a poem sometimes. You never know where reality ends and where begins the poem.


14 thoughts on “aftertaste

  1. DUDE !!! “at last here it sprinkles out from the heart of Mr Romeo” :P, who is she????? any ways, good one :) :] that to on the eve of Valentine’s day :P, well keep writing and i ll keep tasting it .

    PS: by the way i <3ed the DISCLAIMER thing :D

  2. would that lucky girl want anything more?? :) i doubt.
    and definitely leave alone drawing a line, there is a lot of reality that goes into the poem, seen and unseen :]
    Certainly a well writ curvy poem :) keep going… :)

  3. ‘Aftertaste’ remains just like taste after food :) :] cant give up n want to go back and read again.. The beauty of your mind flows in your poems, thats it :] and SHE might not be beautiful than this poem :]

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