turning 21!

Here I dwell playing with my crayons:

Scribbling wall, colouring my fantasies.

I let here out my neat paper boat:

Thinking it`ll bring back the kite that flew out.

May be I should grow up.


I litter my room of thoughts; with thoughts.

I dwell in envy for not having a doll of simplicity.

I still hurt my hand with that garden trowel:

See this wound; this was when I last sowed a thought.

Yes, I need to grow up.


I’m short, need to heighten my perception.

I’m frail, need to strengthen my patience.

I leap around, forgetting home I must go,

Cross roads boggle me, don`t know where to go.

God, please help me grow up.


Yet, I like sending boats, scribbling walls,

Playing soil, getting hurt and losing my kites.

May be I need a real tooth of wisdom,

Only then will i be able to solve the perplex:

Do I need to grow up?



P. S.: random, perplexed thoughts on turning 21. They say, once you stumble the age of 21, you`re grown up. But i don`t understand what being grown up is. This bothers more than my peeking wisdom tooth. May be you could help me:]


18 thoughts on “turning 21!

  1. “bEaUtIfUl”… yes, may be turning 21, people say, is being grown up, but the mind is wise that stays like a child… :]

  2. parle agro ltd with thier FROOTI tagline say : WHY GROW UP? i say y think to grow up!!?? ..a nice poem le:]adra bhaal depth ayti.. yenu tildil le!!swear:)

  3. Being grown up we feel, we loose that innocence… grown up being childish at heart makes us feel better :)
    Wise choice of words, you are growing up as poet too :) Enjoy…

  4. Awesome le!
    And seriously, i think we really dont need to bother… just do the work that gives joy. I feel growing up is a shift from who we really are.

  5. Turning 21 doesn’t change anything…it’s just all the hype built up finally it’s just you a year older than the previous :]

  6. Its my fauvorite post in your blog buddy … Why should we grow up ?? just to give up our innocence, unbiased thoughts, creativity ?? And proudly be part of grown up world just belonging to a caste, group and be narrow minds…

  7. I have aged well beyond time to grow up yet I still feel like I am a child inside, I love to run and play and I hope that feeling stays with me forever.
    I really enjoy your poetry.

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