she makes it so easy to live

I say I’m wrong.

She says, so what.

She knows I’m not always right.

Yet she pats and says wake up!

I say I’ll go.

She grins to say, let’s go.

She makes it so easy to live.


When I’m puzzled in a whirl,

She says, I’m there and crumples her brows.

She draws a shovelful of raw bliss,

And sows fruits of soaked peace.

i don’t know why she winks.

Neither do I why she giggles.

She makes it so easy to live.


She is a conundrum for a lifetime.

Think, she was crystallised of an unsung puzzle.

She wears alacrity as her earrings.

Ah, what jewel more she needs than her laugh.

I unfurl her thoughts when I’m free.

She isn’t far: hidden somewhere within me.

She makes it so easy to live.


15 thoughts on “she makes it so easy to live

  1. hmmm….. vishu, that was simply awesome :) :]
    but i thought you would atleast mention the person in the end.
    ofcourse, whoever she is, she does make life so easy to live i guess :)

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  3. When I keep myself in the place of that person I feel she is being referred to my lovely mom :). Well I’m a bit confused whom YOU are referring to. I don’t read poems much nor do I understand but this one is simply awesome. I could find presence of my mom here :)/

    • Dear Abhyudha,
      You know there is a saying in Kannada -my mother tongue- that here isn’t a solid meaning for poems. In other words, perceptions precede meanings. If there are many meanings and if they refer to more than one person, I must say all are valid. Glad you liked the poem. Keep visiting:)

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