Letter from the cow

Dear human, I’m the cow.
I really do not understand your language.
You say, you have supple smooth skin:
While i’ve durable tough hide.
You say, you eat different cuisines,
While I always eat dry fodder.
Why is that you call that curved iron piece
Nailed under my hooves as a ‘horse shoe’?
And finally, i still remember you saying,
That, I hold millions of gods within me:
That, am a supreme symbol of purity and holiness.
Yet, you left me all alone here;
Here, in this scary dark slaughter house.


7 thoughts on “Letter from the cow

  1. Its also necessary to read the poem in POET’s point of view…….. I feel its Vishwa’s style to not to say everthing in elobarate n make the reader’s think….. Eveything must be like textbooks or other poems ????????

    • hey amit, guess we didn’t mean to say that the poem wasnt a poem. you should also remember that critics are an important part of life, else guess we make very little effort to improve things in life. :)

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