We are magnets.
Born with little strength,
With less magnetic lines.
Grow up, strengthen ourselves,
Building the flux,
Entangling with the relations,
With powerful, out reaching magnetic lines.
Marry: couple with a magnet,
Induct mutually, grow and entangle more.
Feel bad when we don’t reach
A magnetic line.
Feel bad when a magnet breaks;
Or, we ourselves break.
Repel out some magnets:
Of which some try to attract.
Life goes on, and so does entangling.
And then a time comes;
When we realize we are just electromagnets.
Supply goes off.
Some magnets feel bad.
And the soft iron piece carrying current,
Will eventually rust off:
Leaving no sign of its existence.
P.S: This was written in gulping void of homesickness and and roommates’ group discussion of magnetism. Well, i hate the term homesickness. i don’t think we should be that rude, to call a person sick if he remembers, miss his family, friends or place.
Agree. . . ?!

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